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Design Services Offered

The experience of LANHACK in managing and altering existing facilities and designing new innovative and progressive buildings has been demonstrated on several of the current projects. The key elements to our approach to each project will involve the following:

  • Our team will assess the building conditions presented. Complex and difficult sites will not limit our ability to create a financially feasible solution. By utilizing an efficient design with proper and sustainable materials, the proposed facility will meet the needs of the user groups.

  • The key to our success is our ability to communicate with a variety of consultants and owners to develop creative designs, which assess their needs and are then implemented successfully.  

  • Our proven design and project management skills have been implemented on many projects over the years.

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Site Plan Development & Civil Engineering

Site Plan Development & Civil Engineering has proven to be a valuable service recently provided by the firm and complements the design services already offered. The ability to be engaged by a client from the early stages of project inception, from the feasibility of a site for development, implementing the entire site plan development, site engineering and city approvals have been implemented on many projects. This is an integral service that the firm is aggressively expanding.


Design-Build Consulting

Design-Build Consulting has progressed into a major value-added service to our site plan development team and industrial/commercial client base.  The value of sourcing architectural design, civil and structural engineering within one firm has proven to be an asset that has contributed to our growth as a single-source service provider.


Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering is a key discipline of engineering the firm offers.  Our engineers have proven expertise in the design and development of high-rise residential, hotels, institutional, industrial and commercial projects. To complement the in-house expertise of the engineering team, the firm has associations with other consultants that provide additional expertise on an as-required basis.

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